I came across this excellent free e-book that may be of interest. Its called the 5 minute facelift...

5-Minute Facelift
A simple facial toning program that you can use to revitalize the facial muscles. Tone your whole face with just six simple exercises that you can do in minutes. Find out why facial exercise works better than electrical toning, and can even eliminate the desire for cosmetic surgery.

One of the excercises the woman gives you is to remove the chicken neck we all seem to get as we age. The excercise is very simple. Turn your head to the right...then draw your bottom lip over the top lip. Then release to center and repeat on the left. Then look toward the ceiling and draw the bottom lip over the top. Amazingly enough, I've only done this 3x today and I can already feel the muscular in the neck waking up! Besides, now you can also pout for a few minutes a day and no one can say anything about it! It's a great way to get rid of the blues.

ps. the page also has free ebooks on other health and healing for example Garlic magic, Honey magic and Weight loss etc. It's a good one!

pss. How many of you tried it already? LOL